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Pool Heating FAQ

Q: How does Solar pool Heating Work?

A: Solco’s design is very simplistic. There are no moving parts and no maintenance is required. The panels are “hollow” on the inside. Water is pumped via the pool pump through the “channels” in the panels. The panels absorb heat from the sun and transfer the heat into water as it flows through the panels.

Q: What  is a fully wetted panel?

A:The following picture guide will explain best what a fully wetted panel is:

For a thorough explanation, click here

Q: How long does a normal installation take?

A: Depending on the difficulty – Ie: Trenches, paving, roof height an average installation can vary anywhere from 3-7 hours. Normally an installation is done in one day.

Q: How long will it take for my pool to get warm?

A: Depending on the weather the average pool with a SOLCO SOLAR pool heating system takes between 3-5 days to reach optimum comfort levels.

Q: How many panels do I need to heat my pool up?

A: REMEMBER, Solco Solar uses “FULLY WETTED” Solar panels – so the ratio is apporximately 1 panel for evey 10,000 to 12,000 liters of water.

The following table should help you to gauge approximately how many SOLID FULLY WETTED PANELS are  required to get the pool comfortable. (we do recommend calling us for a free consultation)

Pool size   |   Volume    |     Panels
3 x 5                22,500                    2
4 x 6                36,000                    3
4 x 8                48,000                    4
5 x 8                60,000                    5
5 x 9                67,000                    6
5 x 10              75,000                    7

Q: Are the SOLCO solar pool heating panels available in DIY kits?

A: Yes, we supply you with the following when you purchase a DIY pool heating system
1. Solco Superheat Panels
2. The system pack (clamps, connectors, glue, PVC fittings, roof strapping, valves….etc)
3. Piping, if required

Q: Do I need to upgrade my existing pool pump to cope with the solar system?

A: The majority of pumps are strong enough to cope with the extra pressure of a solar pool heating system. There may be cases when Solco will recommend an upgrade of the current pump. This can be established by one of our consultants.

Q: Can the solar panels be placed on my roof?

A: Solco’s solar pool heating panels are made from Polyproylene, SOLCO can fit panels on THATCH, CONCRETE, METAL, TILE, SLATE, SHINGLES and just about most other surfaces.

Q:  What if the water does not get warm enough?

Because Solco has been installing pool heating systems for over 25 years, we are able to base our water heating solutions on experience as well as technical know-how. A SOLCO pool heating system has no moving parts and is designed to do only one thing – HEAT WATER. If, however you wish to increase the temperature of the water, there a two ways of achieving this:

Q: Do I need a pool cover?

A: Solco’s panels are designed to work without any external aid to compensate for inefficiency, but there may be cases where this is necessary. A pool cover does however, save on the use of chemicals as well as aid in the retention of heat during the evening.

Some Reasons to consider heating your pool with a Solco Solar pool heating system:

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