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Solar Pool Heating

Most solar pool heating panels are designed by using small tubes (consisting of either rubber or plastic) that are joined to a larger “manifold” pipe by means of grommets or inserts. The end result is a panel consisting of a lot of individual tubes and gaps between the tubes. Besides the gaps, the panels mostly consist of 2-3 different types of plastics/rubbers combined.

Finding accurate honest information on how solar panels work can be a daunting task. We have created the diagram below to assist you in understanding how a SOLCO SOLAR panel is COMPLETELY different to most other “panels” used in heating water.

Solco Fully-Wetted Panel      

Solco Fully Wetted Panel


Solco Fully Wetted Panel


SolcoSolar panels are constructed wholly out of UV-stabilized polypropylene and when completed it is one solid panel unit.

Solco Solar uses “FULLY WETTED” Solar panels – so the ratio is approximately 1 panel for evey 10,000 to 12,000 litres of water.

The following table should help you to gauge approximately how many SOLID FULLY WETTED PANELS are  required to get the pool comfortable. (we do recommend calling us for a free consultation)

Pool Size     Litres Approx     Panels Required
3 x 5                22,500                    2
4 x 6                36,000                    3
4 x 8                48,000                    4
5 x 8                60,000                    5
5 x 9                67,000                    6

SolcoSolar Extra Care

Whenever possible, Solco solar will go through tiles as opposed to going around tiles when installing the downpipes. It is very unsightly when contractors and other installers make crude ‘goosenecks’ that go around the tiles and gutter.

Solco seals the cuts in the tiles with polyurethane.

For added aesthetic value, Solco also build a conduit box to shield the pipes and to conform to the estate regulations concerning exposed piping

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