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Here are some recent comments from our customers:

"Your guys came through yesterday, despite the rain.  They worked efficiently, explained what they were doing and cleaned up afterwards.  I'm delighted."  - Chris, Riverclub

After her builder refused to change his piping Solco decided to help out – here is a customer in Parkmore’s comment.

“Thank you so much again for coming out to solve the solar pipe and storm water drain pipe clash. Your guys are amazing and I am so impressed with Solco’s very accommodating attitude. Please bill me for the extra work.” – Maria

After his old pool pump started giving problems, here is a customer in Weltevreden Park’s comment

“I do understand that you do get busy, I would really like to commend you on your levels of after sales service, It is a rare occurrence and it is rather refreshing to see such awesome service and customer care.

I have passed your name out to a few prospective clients and I definitely will be passing it out to many more. I am truly impressed and thank you once again.

I will send you some feedback in the next few weeks and make sure that all is still going well and I will also ask my cousin D—- to contact you this week to set up an appointment so that you can do his solar panels too.”

Mr Neels van Biljon installed his original SolcoSolar Pool heating system over 20 years ago. When SolcoSolar installed his original pool heating system, he never expected the pool heating panels to perform as long and efficient as they did. When he decided to install his install pool heating, there were a lot of other companies promising a lot of unrealistic things. Where are those companies today?  Most of them have gone bankrupt and some are trading under other names to avoid customers asking them to honour their “guarantees”.

Mr Neels van Biljon has referred many customers to SolcoSolar simply because SolcoSolar’s solar pool heating panels are living up to its claims: To last longer and to perform better.

In July 2012, Mr Van Biljon called SolcoSolar’s office for a general maintenance service and also to add 3 more solar pool heating panels. Solco’s consultant had a look at the condition of the solar panels and made some recommendations to make the additional solar pool heating panels more efficient by placing them on a better suited roof and rejuvenate the old pool heating system completely. Mr Van Biljon was very happy to hear that the old panels needed minimal attention. In fact out of the 9 panels, only 3 needed some minor attention. Solco moved the old system to better roof spaces and was able to turn the whole system upside down.

Solco is the ONLY pool heating company that is able to repair solar pool heating panels WITHOUT COMPROMISING on the efficiency of the pool heating panels. We use a product that is able to adhere to the tough polypropylene, solid pool heating panels.

Because Solco’s Solar pool heating panels are solid panels, Solco is able to flip the panels over after many years of use. The result is a BRAND NEW POOL HEATING SYSTEM, even after years of scorching sun, pounding hail, gusty winds and harsh pool chemicals. The panels proved to beat the elements and the expectations of Mr Van Biljon!

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Your guys came yesterday, as you know.  They found that air was getting in at two points either side of the pump, where the joins were loose.  Whether this was caused by your other team when doing the other work, who knows?

I just want to say that both teams worked fast, explained what they were doing and were pleasant to deal with.

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