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Why Solco Solar?

-         Solco has been delivering quality solar solutions for over 30 years
-         we use the best quality equipment
-         our installation teams are fully trained
-         we look after our customers

Making an educated, informed decision on SOLAR POOL HEATING for your pool can be frustrating.

Most companies you contact will very likely have varied opinions and ideas on what they think you are looking for.  Too often they want to sell you something and some don’t even bother to come out to do a survey once you are ready to do business with them.  This is noticeable, especially once you start asking for quotes – IF you receive quotes

How can you be sure you are getting your money’s worth when every company states that their product is the one for you?  This article will help you make an informed decision on solar pool heating – based on facts.

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Here are some reasons to consider using Solco Solar to heat your pool:

The following table should help you to gauge approximately how many SOLID FULLY WETTED PANELS are required to get the pool comfortable. (we do recommend calling us for a free consultation)

Pool size   |   Volume    |     Panels
3 x 5                22,500               2
4 x 6                36,000               3
4 x 8                48,000               4
5 x 8                60,000               5
5 x 9                67,000               6
5 x 10              75,000               7

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