Solco solar pool heating

High Quality Solar Pool Heating

Swimming pools look so inviting but do you swim regularly? Probably not. Even in Summer many pools are just not warm enough to enjoy. A SolcoSolar pool heating system will heat up your pool to a temperature that makes swimming a pleasure and will extend the swimming season.

SolcoSolar operates from the Solco offices in Krugersdorp.  We install throughout Gauteng.

We have pool heating systems that heat up anything from Jacuzzis to Olympic size pools. From hybrid systems to fully automated systems. We have the solution.

There are so many benefits from a SolcoSolar pool heating system from Solco:

  •  Once installed, there are no running costs
  •  The system is virtually maintenance free
  •  Installed expertly in one day
  •  SolcoSolar’s fully wetted panels are the most efficient panels available
  •  Our panels are durable and outlast other panels
  •  Our panels are resistant to chemicals, normal hail and frost
  •  We use a modular add-on system for easy upgrading
  •  A Solco system can be turned over after 10-12 years to recapture the heat
  •  A Solco solar system is a green alternative to other methods of heating up water
  •  Available in DIY kits
  •  A 5-year guarantee that we stand by

Our Solar Panels are Guaranteed - Guaranteed to work - Guaranteed to last - Guaranteed value for money!

Here are some reasons to consider using Solco Solar to heat your pool:

  • Solco’s fully wetted pool heating panels have proven for many years that they outlast and outperform other types of pool heating systems.
  • With a Solco Solar fully wetted pool heating system installed, your swimming season could be increased by another 6 months
  • Solco is  as concerned about aesthetics as you are – We put a high priority on keeping the installation workmanship and quality at the highest level possible.
  • Our qualified installation technicians take only a few hours to install an average pool heating system and could have you swimming in comfort in virtually no time.
  • Solco’s Fully Wetted solar pool heating panels are guaranteed to work, to last and give you value for money.
  • Solco’s fully wetted solar pool heating panels are Modular – meaning you can add panels after the installation.
  • Solco’s panels are manufactured in South Africa
  • Solco uses materials produced by SABS ISO 9001 compliant companies.
  • Manufactured from UV Stabilised Polypropylene, for intense use in the sun.
  •  The material is resistant to chemicals, normal hail and frost.
  • Solco’s panels can heat Jacuzzis to Olympic size pools.

Once installed, a Solco pool heating system has no running costs – the fully wetted panels draw energy from the sun